Sea Ghost Group

Ghost 750 patrol

Perfect boat for uniformed services, high, well lit, with a convenient spacious cabin and a small bedroom cabin which can be used for many different purposes when being on duty for a long time. The cabin can serve as a small office, fitted with a table and benches with lockers. It can also be equipped with a marine ​​or chemical toilet, significantly increasing comfort of use. Its large deck can be used during rescue operations or to provide first aid. The boat can be equipped with a stationary or an outboard motor.

Boat specifications:

  • Total boat length approx. 7.5 m
  • Total width approx. 2.7 m
  • Draught approx. 0.45 m
  • Max engine power 2×200 hp
  • Max persons capacity 6
  • Max total weight 2.7 t
  • Design speed approx. 40 kT

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