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GHOST 750/900 OPEN

Open boat equipped with a cabin for 2-3 persons, with a higher deck and lifted tubes, JOKEY or JOKEY plus seats mounted on the deck, a sofa and table. If the boat is to be used by emergency and rescue services, the cabin may be fitted with benches, instead. The cabin can be also equipped with the heating system so that it can serve as a room for shipwrecked persons, protecting them from hypothermia. The boat is equipped with max two fuel tanks with a capacity of 200 l (GHOST 900 OPEN 2×300 l) each, offering a large range, allowing to travel long distances. High console/the cabin protects the steersman from changing weather conditions, providing good visibility. Its high bow prevents the boat from ramming into high tide and, consequently, deck flooding, which is quite common with boats of this type. The boat can be equipped with professional ULMAN seats, providing considerable comfort while sailing in extreme weather conditions. Pneumatic tubes mounted on the locks allow quick assembly and disassembly, which is very important when performing repairs or inspections. Laminated sides on the inside of the deck protect the tubes from mechanical damage, while wide anti-skids on the sides allow fast and safe movement along the sides of the boat and safe boarding. In addition, in the high sides, it is possible to fit long lockers for boathooks, oars and other specialist equipment. After appropriate modernization, it increases user safety in the military version. In case of the pneumatic tubes, due to its high sides, the boat can efficiently and safely sail to a relevant service center. Designed for emergency and rescue services, army, police and people who like to actively spend their free time on the water.

Boat (GHOST 750 OPEN) specification:

  • Total length – 7.75 [m]
  • Rigid hull length – 7.15 [m]
  • Total width – 2.76 [m]
  • Rigid hull width-2.3 [m]
  • Draught – 0.45 [m]
  • Design displacement – 3.5 [m3]
  • Max tube diameter – 0.5 [m]
  • Number of air chambers – 6 [units]
  • Total boat weight – 1.7 [T]
  • Max engine power – 2×175/1×350 [HP]

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