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Hybrid boat Ghost 750

Hybrid boat Ghost 750 is a cabin RIB boat. Such boats are used by navy special forces, police, marine emergency services, military patrol boats, border guards, marine ambulance. Due to appropriate construction of the trunk and its connection with the pneumatic tube such boats can be used in very tough atmospheric conditions assuring safety of the passengers. Ghost 750 is a combination of a special RIB boat and a recreational cabin boat maintaining all the parameters of the RIB boat. Ghost 750 is a boat having a high ergonomic fairing and high internal broadside ensuring safety and comfort of the passengers. The boat was designed in order for an ordinary family with children could safely and comfortably enjoy the beauty of Baltic sea. The trunk was designed basing on the new trends dominating the world’s power boating market as well as those expected in the future. The length of the boat was adapted to the length of the wave most common on the Baltic sea and the width of the trunk assures stability and desired comfort. Ergonomic shapes of the boat; angular as well as streamline fairing, lithe tube, lifted bow, innovative way of fixing the tube, properly profiled redans, deep V of the trunk and its shape guarantee that the boat will surely stay in the lead of hybrid boats. All those components will assure safe and comfortable usage for the whole family. The boat has spacious, well-lit and glazed cabin, where 5 people can rest or avoid alternating atmospheric conditions. Supply of 300 liters of fuel, 40 litres of water, comfortable bathroom with a toilet and a shower, optional heating of the cabin, deck furnished with a table, two armchairs and a broad sofa allows to travel between marinas and at the same time actively trip at the open water. It is possible to optionally roof the deck (cabrio type) which enables passengers to rest on the boat at the evening. Charming lightning of the cabin stimulates senses, comfortable and warm cabin, comfortable bathroom, the sound of seawaves calls for a romantic dinner on the boat. Application of modern and economical engines enables quick and fairly cheap journey along the beautiful coasts of Baltic sea. All the design and application of the boat was thoroughly thought over in order to leave the crowded marina and begin exploring the merits of actively spending free time. Eventually our Baltic is beautiful but there is nobody who praises it as its charm cannot be captured from the port. Ghost 750 will allow to discover Baltic from the outset.

Boat specification:

  • Total length – 7.75 [m]
  • Rigid hull length – 7.15 [m]
  • Total width – 2.76 [m]
  • Rigid hull width-2.3 [m]
  • Draught – 0.45 [m]
  • Design displacement – 3.5 [m3]
  • Max tube diameter – 0.5 [m]
  • Number of air chambers – 6 [units]
  • Total boat weight – 2.7 [T]
  • Max engine power – 2×200 / 1×400 [HP]

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